Czech Republic VAT FZCO Accountants


VAT Registration Czech Republic

The sellers from other EU countries have to VAT registration in Czech Republic. If they sell goods worth more than CZK 1,000,000 within a calendar year or storage  to Czech Republic. All seller for VAT registration (compulsory or voluntary) or a notification of changes to the registration data must be submitted only electronically.

Required documents

  • Photo ID of all Directors/Shareholders
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association translated into Czech by a Sworn
  • VAT/GST certificate from your country
  • bank account information
  • An original extract from the Company Register
  • Power of Attorney signed by the legal/tax representative of the company
  • Marketplace Selling Screenshots

VAT returns

Czech Republic VAT returns are submit for monthly periods. If the turnover of the taxable person for the preceding calendar year has not reached CZK10 million. The tax­able person may opt for quarterly VAT returns. Newly VAT registration  payers, unreliable VAT payer and VAT groups do not qualify as quarterly VAT return. VAT returns must file within 25 days after the end of the tax period. All VAT returns and other VAT services relate reports must submit electronically.

VAT payment

Czech Republic VAT payment must credit to the bank account of the tax authorities within the same time period. VAT liabilities must pay in Czech crowns. So-call nil returns must file if no taxable transactions have taken place in the period.



 If a company does not effect economic activities it is deregister for VAT. The tax authorities also deregister a VAT payer. If it effects only VAT exempt supplies without credit . Another reason, if it does not make any supplies within 12 consecutive calendar months without notification of reasons.

A non established business will deregistration by the tax authorities. If it did not make any taxable supplies or VAT exempt supplies with credit in the preceding calendar year.