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EU VAT Registration

EU VAT Registration service covers the entire process from reviewing your business activities.

  1. We can check a VAT number in which countries your company needs to register for VAT and confirm those where you do not have any VAT & tax issues.
  2. We will handle all VAT registration processes on your work and guide you through invoicing customers, and the declarations that you will need to submit.

A business can voluntarily registration  for VAT which may give rise to a cash flow benefit, as well as giving perceived comfort to your customers. It may give the impression to prospective clients that you are a small business.

What documents do you need to get an EU VAT registration number?

EU VAT registration process is not straightforward.

Trade and tax assist your company putting together all documentation and EU VAT registration forms. The documents required for such registration vary from one country to another, however, below you will find some documents that are usually required and that you can start putting together before starting your EU business.

  • Application form (questionnaire).
  • VAT number in your home country: This document proves that your company is register for VAT in its country of establishment.
  • Articles of Association issued as part of the incorporation process in its home country.
  • Certificate of incorporation and an excerpt of the trade register with all details about the company´s incorporation in its home country.
  • You also need to consider language requirements. In some EU member it is obliged to submit all documents in their official language. Most of the EU Countries that require a sworn translation
  • Power of Attorney (proxy) with regard to the assignment to act as authorised or fiscal representative (accountant).
  • Security deposit (bank or cash guarantee) if you decide to appoint a fiscal representative and to benefit from the VAT deferral facility at importation (‘no cash out’).