CHAPS payment

CHAPS payment UK

CHAPS meaning is a same-day electronic bank-to-bank payment system used in the UK for high-value and urgent domestic money transfers. It allows individuals, businesses and organizations to make secure and guaranteed same-day payment system.

Speed and Timing

CHAPS payments design for urgent transfers. The funds are typically credited to the recipient’s account on the same business day if the payment is initiated before the CHAPS payment time, which is usually in the mid-afternoon. Payments initiated after the CHAPS cut off time may be processed on the next business day.

Eligibility and Use

The eligibility for usually used for large and time-critical transactions, such as property purchases, business transactions. Some times high value payments where immediate settlement is required.


It not free, and there is a CHAPS fee associated with using this service. The fees can vary depending on the bank or financial institution offering the service and the amount of the CHAPS transfer.

Online and In-Branch

There could be made through online banking services. If your bank provides the option. You can visit a branch of your bank to initiate bank payment.

Bank Details

To make a payment, you will need the recipient’s bank details, including their account number and sort code. You may need their IBAN (International Bank Account Number). If the payment is going to an international bank account.


There are secure and reliable, as they are processed through the Bank of England’s Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system. It ensure immediate and final settlement.

It is essential to check with your bank for specific details, including cut-off times, fees. Any additional requirements for initiating CHAPS payments. The consider alternative payment methods for non-urgent transfers. It can be costly compared to other electronic payment options like Faster Payments or BACS pay.