Tax withholding


UK VAT withholding and payment Tax withholding Tax withholding implement the UK’s low value consignments exemption for goods not exceeding £15 in value was withdrawn. This will make all imports subject to import VAT (and potentially customs duties). At the same time, a small consignment import simplification process is in place and online marketplaces (OMPs)


Postponed VAT

Postponed VAT for the UK

Postponed VAT for the UK  What is postponed VAT accounting? Postponed VAT accounting means that the importer does not pay import VAT. When the goods arrive at the UK port. The imposter indicates on the import declaration that postponed VAT statement. It will use and the goods can release without payment of the import VAT.

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VAT services on Amazon

VAT services on Amazon

VAT services on Amazon VAT understanding for Amazon sellers Amazon Sellers can be a hard path to navigate. I get a lot of queries about VAT and Amazon.  This post to cover to give you as much information as you need. This post will cover UK VAT, distance selling to the EU and Pan European

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