Company formation agent

why should you use company formation agent

Why should You use company formation Agent.

A company formation agent is well versed with the company Acts and Laws, company formation procedure and provides free valuable information. Anyone setting up a new company involves a lot of administrative work to get a new business registered with Companies House. FZCO Accountants provides professional, efficient, fast, and cost-effective services. Our clients for the creation and registration of a new company with Companies House.

Company formation agent should be legitimate?

Companies House maintains a list of company formation agent that have successfully completed testing of their own formation service. They have software capable of submitting electronic incorporations or who use the service of a third-party provider on this list.

Company formation agent support?

Approved by Companies House to set up your company on your behalf. A business requires more administrative assistance, such as the provision of an address for specific purposes.  In order to afford one such assistance a company formation agent offers a range of additional services including.

  • Company secretarial services- The provision also of a Business Address by the company formation agent includes receipt by the agency of all incoming paper correspondence. This service can help to maintain statutory registers. It is also help for prepare and file annual Confirmation Statements and carry out other administrative matters.
  • Registered office address– Some time companies need register office address. Maybe companies do not have premises, being able to use an address in a business location. It could be  look more professional than using a home address, etc.
  • Business bank account – formation agents often have good deals for companies which also need a new business bank account.

Incorporation of different types of company

Company formation agents involves incorporating a business as a limited company and registering it as a legal entity at Companies House. There are a number of incorporation packages permitting a number of different online registrations. Several options when it comes to the constitution of a limited company:

  1. Limited by shares (Ltd) (and Limited by shares for non-UK residents)
  2. Limited by guarantee (Ltd) or
  3. A limited liability partnership (LLP)
  4. Charity company
  5. Right to Manage (RTM) company

The above types of company registrations will not be available. If you choose to register a company yourself via Companies House. They only permit the online incorporation of limited by shares companies with ordinary shares and Model articles of association.

Although referred to as a company, once incorporated the law views the business as an individual entity. It holds and owns its own assets, liabilities, property, finance and contractual obligations. This is one way in which limited companies differ from sole trader enterprises. Where the business owner owns the assets, liabilities, property, finance and contractual obligations.

What are the advantages of using a company formation agent?

If you register a company by yourself without the assistance of a company formations team. Then you will have to fill out Companies House form IN01. Not only is this quite an extensive form, but it is also fairly time-consuming and consists of jargon. It may be unfamiliar for new business owners.

Business owners or other agency who use your company formation agent have to fill out a simple online application form that takes a mere few minutes. There are several advantages:

Protect your company formation application

Companies house reject the forms that have any kind of errors. An agent ensures your application form doesn’t have any grammatical errors, irregularities, missing information, and other forms of the hindrance. Your agent ensures your application has none of these. The formation team reviews your pre-submission information. Your agent finalises your application on Companies House form IN01. The application will submit for the registrar approval.

Time saving

Someone who has prior valuable experience of company formation knows how to handle the process efficiently. An agent saves a lot of your time which otherwise would have been wasted in running here and there, getting the papers right. Time is precious for someone who is starting his entrepreneurial journey. Hiring a company formation agent will allow you to focus on other important aspects like set-up, hiring etc.

Low cost

An established and experienced company formation agent will provide you with a series of company formation packages. We will provide company formations free as part of our limited company accountancy packages. It means the service is either free if you take out a package with us or low cost to you if you don’t take a package. You can choose the one that suits your need and budget.