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Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS)

This article will help new businesses using Amazon how to print their invoices for their use.  For example, their accountant or person use to track expenses. To send the invoice for the buyer it is usually on request. When the product has been bought by a customer on Amazon an invoice can be requested to whichever customer needed.

If you have got an EU Amazon integration. Amazon will soon require an invoice to be attached to every shipped order in Seller Central. Every order needs to be accompanied by an invoice that Amazon keep hold. Previously this was only a requirement for B2B orders.  But now it affects every order you ship.

What is the Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS)?

Amazon automates invoice generation using their own service (VCS). The Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS) ensures that invoices are generated by sellers within 24 hours of the order being placed. Once they have been generated. The invoices are then available to the buyer, within the Order Information section on Amazon. VAT orders within the EU, using the tax and order information received directly from Amazon. 

Go to the Manage Orders tab. You can see all the buyers and their details for every item.  You have sold and that they have bought from you. Here you can prepare and send every customer an invoice.

How to print a selected invoice:

Step 1: Go to your Orders in your amazon account.  Then select the order that you want the invoice summary of or to print.


Step 2: Dependent on the buyer/seller that you had placed the order with the following actions can take place:

  • Print the invoice
  • Or provide an Order summary

Step 3: If the order was placed with a Marketplace seller where the invoice was already issued by Amazon Services Europe Sarl. Or the seller was enrolled with the Amazon Tax Calculation Service then the invoice will be in the Your Orders section.

Step 4: Based on the action you want to carry out the option to Print Invoice will appear. Also you can print the Order Summary from here.

Step 5 (If needed): If the invoice did not appear in the Your Orders section you can contact the seller directly and Request Invoice.


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Last Note: If a VAT invoice was needed from an order from a Marketplace seller and it doesn’t not appear in the Your Orders section, contact the seller  to ask for one.